Hey, I'm Sask!

I'm an illustrator and artist hustling in Brooklyn, where I produce thoughtful illustrations and gifs for my clients around the world. My personal projects include independent comics and explorative drawings. I also wrote two motivating guides on Medium.

Feel free to shoot a message for new inquiries and projects. For casual high fives add me on Tumblr and Twitter.


Selected Clients:  

Cosmopolitan,  Popsugar, Brita, The Gap, Hulu, MTV, Subway, Vans, Papyrus, The Washington Post, Toyota, Clarins, Hallmark, Flow Mag, Johns Hopkins University, Help Scout, Tumblr, Penguin Random House, Capital One, Harper Collins, BuzzFeed, Walker Children's Books and American Greetings


My name is Saskia Wariner, and I'm a German illustrator and artist based in Brooklyn.

Through a romantic lens, my eyes and thoughts concentrate on the conceptual meaning of an illustration. Perpetually striving for simplicity, I work with a few components to surround them with imperfect lines and structures that resemble not only my drive and personality but also my taste of beauty.

I'm weirdly obsessed with organic line-based drawings à la Paul Klee's Angels, pilot pens, bodies of water, Haruki Murakami's fiction and celestial stuff.

In my free time, I'm a bookish herbivore hanging out in the Gryffindor common room while drinking 3–400 cups of coffee a day.



Me: hi@saskdraws.com 

+1 (413) 729-9640

Book Rep: aranta@foundrymedia.com



The Yard, 33 Nassau Avenue Suite #59

Brooklyn, NY, United States